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Army Toys

For young children, army toys are a great way to learn about the world around them. They’re inexpensive and can be set up in a variety of ways. They’re especially well-suited for sandbox play and simple wargames. Kids can also play with the army men by rolling marbles or rubber balls at them. These toys are also durable and come with a plastic storage case, which is great for traveling.

Army Toys first came on the market in the 1930s. They were modeled after actual soldiers and were sold in department stores, supermarkets, and by mail-order. These early Army Toys were made from composition and glue, but were eventually changed to non-toxic plastic in the 1960s.

Army Toys were popular during the 1960s. They were initially made from olive-green plastic, which was obtained from the company Eastman Chemical. Later, they were made from polyethylene, a softer plastic that was easier to mold. The new materials allowed manufacturers to create more realistic looking army toys. By the end of the decade, army men became available in a variety of colors, which included different enemy forces. The plastic toy soldiers were also updated to reflect current uniform styles. Besides playing soldiers, plastic vehicles also became popular.

Army Toys are great for reliving memories of the war and are great for children to play with. They can play with miniature soldiers, cannons, tanks, cars, and provisions. The Tin Toy Arcade offers several Army Toys that are nostalgic and fun for children. There are also several levels and two maps available.


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